In 2020 and 2021, I have seen a lot of home DJ’s doing livestreams. One thing that I noticed is that a lot of DJs were mixing on a table that is way too low. A standard kitchen or dining room table is made for sitting and not for standing. The average height of these tables is about 75 cm, but when you are standing, this is too low.

What is the perfect height for a DJ table?

90degree angle

The golden rule is that your elbows should make almost a 90degree angle. This means the table should be about 100 cm high, but of course this also depends on how tall you are. You can take 100 cm as an average because this is more or less the standard height.

A stage element, which is often used for a DJ table at parties also has a height of 100 cm. Therefor, it’s also mentioned in most artist riders, see example below.

Example of an artist rider

Last year, I created my own DJ booth from some spare wood I had lying around. I am about 185 cm tall, so I made the booth 106 cm high. In a next post, I will tell you some more about how I designed and manufactured it.

My DJ booth

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