Born in the 80’s, Jori grew up in the 90s and has always had a passion for dance music. As a 13 year old boy he watched TMF (The Music Factory, television channel) for hours. There he saw several DJs perform in clubs such as Boccacio, BBC & Atmoz. From that moment on he knew he wanted to do this too and he started experimenting with his first mixing console.

Over the years he became successful as a hardcore DJ, but his passion for dance and trance music of the 90s always remained. So in 2016 he started his alter ego Chris Alexo, which is actually a contraction of his two first names so he didn’t have to look far for this.

He is a resident for the Rave’rberg concept and hopes to break through at various parties.


Bassindustry, Rave’rberg


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