These Hardcore Maniacs (Evolver & The Snatcher) have been around in the Belgian hardcore scene for many years. 

Behind the scenes of their well-known Hardcore Maniacs parties and behind the decks of big parties like The Qontinent, Footworxx, Army Of Hardcore and many more. 

They both have successful solo careers and recently released the collab track ‘Genetic Mutations’ on New World Order Records that reached the number one spot in the Hardtunes top 100.

When they team up as ‘Hardcore Maniacs’, they will bring you an energetic and powerful hardcore set.

Hardcore Maniacs


Army Of Hardcore, Cherrymoon, Dixies, Footworxx, Hard Alliance, Hardcore Maniacs, Imperial Hardcore, Outrage Festival, Pokke Kerst Herrie, Pussy Motherfuckers, Raveolution, Tomorrowland, The Qontinent.


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